What We Do

At Regulation Fitness, we’re dedicated to your success every step of the way. We understand that your fitness journey is unique, and that’s why we offer a personalised approach to training. Our goal is to help you achieve the best results from your efforts and feel your absolute best.

We eliminate the guesswork by providing an affordable, reliable, and consistent online training model tailored specifically to your goals. But we don’t stop there – we take it a step further with our hybrid training approach, combining the convenience of online training with the personal touch of face-to-face check-ins. This means you’ll have a specialised coach by your side who understands you and is equipped with the knowledge, systems, and tools to maximize your chances of success.

We want nothing less than for you to feel your absolute best!

Online Workout Platform

How Your Program Works

Your dedicated coach will design a unique program specific to you and your fitness goals. This bespoke program is delivered through TrueCoach (the App). Through the App you will log your workouts, review past results, track progress, post comments, or ask your coach for feedback and advice.

The App provides an intuitive user experience so you are able to focus on what’s important – your training! Warmups, rep and set schemes, reps in reserve, tempo and rest times are all provided. Each exercise has a short tutorial video and your dedicated coach is always on hand for further support.

How your nutrition program works

Nutrition is fundamental for optimal results. Like any complex machine, the Human body needs the right type and quantity of fuel to operate at its best. To set you up for success we will follow a flexible dieting approach. Flexible dieting is based around monitoring and counting the three main macronutrients that you ingest daily (carbohydrates, protein and fat).

Your nutrition goals are set in the App, however we use a separate app, MyFitnessPal, to help you log your caloric intake. With over 11 million foods in MyFitnessPal, keeping a food diary is super easy. Scan barcodes, save meals and recipes for fast tracking, helping you understand and improve your eating habits to maximise your results.

The combination of the TrueCoach and MyFitnessPal apps create the perfect tool for tracking and fine tuning your progress.

Nutrition Program
Online Training Platform

How check-ins work

Train SMART. The best results come incrementally, through realistic goal setting and regular measuring! Monitoring progress helps you to see results, adapt your goals and stay engaged and motivated with your training. There are many ways in which we can track progress, these are selected with your coach based on your fitness goals.

Each check-in allows your coach to spot trends and adjust your program to maximise your results. We work with you and your tracking data to develop and maintain programs that yield optimum results.